what self-love is, what self-love is not.

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What self-love is not, we know that all?

After the current demise (suicide) of a Bollywood actor recently, I just cannot resist thinking that where a person lacks so much, that needs to be done. Sushant Singh Rajput is one of my favorite emerging actors, doing wonders in himself, an entrepreneur, and full of life. Although I don’t know him personally to make any comment, I can assume that maybe, maybe he is not aware of the correct term of self-love.

Or maybe we all, are so in a false meaning of self-love blindly.

Is self-love is selfish, entitlement or sinful at a time? Or maybe an excuse to make?

are you struggling with self love?

Now before beginning, let me just tell you the meaning and purpose of self-love. There is a deep connection between self-love and mental wellness. There is no kind of circumstances in which we may even need to love more than we do from others. There are some sorts of misunderstandings in the people. Let’s just started to believe what self-love is not.

Self-love is not selfishness.

Understand this fully, that self-love is not selfish. Again, it is not. You need to fill your empty spaces of heart in order to pour to some others. Also, be very mindful of self-obsession. Obsession about how your body and face looks are not self-love. For example, flight attendants always have this training that you need to wear an oxygen mask in case of an emergency. You need to help yourself first to help others. And this focus on yourself helps you grow and others around you.

self love is not selfishness.

Recognizing your worth.

When a person thinks that they are unconditionally owed something regardless of efforts, merit, or context. You need to understand this also that compassion, care, and acceptance are as important as water and food. It really doesn’t mean that you need a million-dollar house or car. It is not very favored or limited. But a very core aspect of humanity.

understand what self love is not

Self-love is not an excuse.

Knowing your limits, need and worth and asserting interpersonal and intrapersonal boundaries as needed to uphold. The positive perks also includes the good, the bad and the none beautiful. The decisions of making your self growth, tailoring a potential difficult yet necessary plan of attack and tackling in your head. However you cannot hall finish responsibility,accountability, and tough situations. Self love makes a way too easy and clear path to all.

Also, I want to say that this path is not always very easy. You can face a tough time.

Self-love is to appreciate you for you. Self-love is a subjective experience. honor your individuality as you find your definition of self love.

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