December 29, 2019

What movie came out in 2019? (And had a blast)

By mygossipgirl

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Are you out of the plans to spend your winter vacation? I am writing this post for the ones Who didn’t know about what movies came out in 2019. So here I am making your difficulty into ease.

Maybe you are asking for friends to join in, maybe you’re busy with the schedules of your children or spouses.

Do you know about what movies came out in 2019?

If you have a plan to chill out and stay cozy, I have a perfect list prepared to be watched in from your blanket.

2019 is full of incredible films. You can’t get your eyes off from one. You can see excellent cinematography, engaging storyline, and an amazing view.

Without wasting further time, let’s jump into the list.

1: Once upon a time in Hollywood.

A blockbuster released in March starring brad pit, Leonardo di Caprio and Margot Robbie and was directed by Quentin Tarantino.


This film should be on your list.

2: Joker.

3: Avengers Endgame

4: Spiderman far from home.

This movie earned over 1 billion dollars all over the world. Also, zendaya is looking beautiful in this movie.

5: John wick: chapter 3 -Parabellum

Keanu Reaves starrer John wick released in March and earned over 170 million.Β 

I am about to watch all these movies as I didn’t watch it. Surely it will be a cozy end of the year.

Tell me any movie you’ve watched and loved it. Tell me also which movie is missed out. That’s not what i loved.

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