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February 20, 2020

Top 5 apps for mental health in 2020!

By mygossipgirl

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The world is becoming small and the problems are becoming large. The schedules, routine hectics are really tough, to be honest. You have to be very fast which makes us stressed. Sometimes it leads us towards anxiety and mental disturbances.

Sometimes we are not in that position to afford a therapist or don’t have time to consult.

We are accessible to transport and food and basic things of life so why don’t we have a therapist on one click? But yes. I am bringing here 5 best apps for mental health.

Without wasting a single minute here, let’s jump to the list.

1: Woebot

Woebot is a “completely robotized conversational agent” developed by Woebot Labs in San Francisco. As I tapped on a catch to “make proper acquaintance” while perusing on my PC, I was given choices that provoked me to interface through Facebook “or secretly” by means of my different gadgets (iPhone or Android). 

Given the ongoing features of the abuse of client data. I chose to go with my Android gadget and was provoked to download the application. In any case, my underlying raid into chatbots raised the focal issue of secrecy. Would I be able to trust Woebot with my generally private. individual data the manner in which I would a human? I read the security arrangement and chose to keep things light. 

Woebot was very easy to understand and started with a short review to perceive what regions I needed to take a shot at.

The app has a comical inclination, and I can see individuals who are having a terrible day staying with the appealing stage. Woebot likewise has abilities β€” in the blink of an eye, Woebot had recognized my disposition (with emoticon support), distinguished three musings basic my state of mind, and helped me see that these contemplations were “twists,” which we supplanted with progressively accommodating considerations.

For sure, it is my favourite and promising app and on the top of apps for mental health.

Woebot : apps for mental health

2: MindShift 

MindShift is a standout amongst another emotional wellness app for mental health. structured explicitly for teenagers and youthful grown-ups with uneasiness. Instead of attempting to maintain a strategic distance from restless sentiments, Mind Shift focuses on the significance of changing how you consider uneasiness. Think about this application as the team promoter in your pocket, urging you to assume responsibility for your life, brave serious feelings, and face testing circumstances.

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mindshift : app for mental health


Need a happy fix? With its clinician affirmed mind-set preparing program and among happy emotion apps for mental health. The Happify application is your most optimized plan of attack to a positive state of mind. Attempt different drawing in games, movement. recommendations, appreciation prompts and more to prepare your cerebrum as though it were a muscle, to defeat negative contamination. The best part? It’s free!

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Happify : apps for mental health

4: Lifesum

Not at all like the different applications included right now, is a more extensive asset for everything solid living. The application permits you to set individual objectives, from eating more beneficial to building more muscle and getting in more advances every day. You can likewise enter your very own information and let Lifesum create a “Real existence Score” to get a customized guide to better wellbeing. With suggestions to drink water and eat routinely for the duration of the day, Lifesum is an extraordinary choice for anybody attempting to live more beneficial, however, for individuals with dietary problems, this application can be utilized to assist you with reclassifying how you consider solid self-perception.

Lifesum: apps for mental health

5: PTSD Coach

Made by the VA’s National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), PTSD Coach offers everything from a self-appraisal for PTSD, to chances to discover support, positive self-talk, and outrage the board. What’s incredible about this application is that you can tweak devices dependent on your own individual needs. and inclinations, and incorporate your own contacts, photographs, and music.

PTSD coach: app for mental health