January 23, 2020

Some Quick ways to lose weight for women!

By mygossipgirl

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Some Quick ways to lose weight for women

Like many of you, I also made many resolutions for my mental and physical self. 

Almost all the January I spent by practising these and got an idea that why I never share these tips with my readers.

So I gathered all the tips which I was practising for years and became more keen on doing it.

It’s amazing and quick ways to lose weight for women like me who want to taste all the cuisines.

Also, these tips and tricks and techniques are those which I personally collected from different parts of this small world.

So without getting into more excitement, Let me tell you that I will be writing in step by step. Like what you should do in the morning will be first and what to do in the night will be at last.

Understand! Let’s jump.

1: Start your Day with lime water.

According to the German study, if you drink 17 ounces of water every day, you’re metabolic system will be rising by 30%. 

I use to warm my drinking water a little, then add some drops of lemon juice and drink it.

This trick will also make yourself alkaline.

2: Stretch yourself firstly!

If you are up early, then you should do Yoga.

Yoga is a basic stretching. If you don’t want to jump into the deep ocean of yoga, then do simply stretch.

It will release your mental and physical stress.

Stress will make your hormones disturbed and encourage fats to gather around your tummy. So do stretch, get off the stress.

3:  Never ever skip your breakfast!

If you want to find quick ways to lose weight for women or men or anybody, no article or blog or person will recommend you to stay hungry or skip breakfast. I will blame our lifestyles or busy schedules for it. But most people love to skips breakfast.

I am warning you all. Whether take, an egg or a fruit. Please don’t skip it.

4: Have a protein-filled meal!

Not in an extraordinary, Atkins kind of way, yet having a little protein at each supper starts up your digestion. “Your stomach related framework utilizes more vitality to separate it, so you consume more calories,” clarifies Lisa Dorfman, R.D. Be that as it may, keep protein levels to somewhere in the range of 20 and 35 per cent of your eating regimen; eating a lot of it can cause kidney strain and may make your body stores a lot of fat.


5: Have some light snack! 

Easy and quick ways to lose weight for women is hidden in snacking all day.  I swear, it is. Keep snacking all day and don’t be hungry.

I use to snack on fruits, vegetables include carrots and cucumber and tomato.

6: Start conscious eating! 

Eating with the mind is the key. Don’t be like eating what’s coming around. If you have eaten before a while, don’t binge again.

7: Start work out through your phone!

I know that people are busy and their hectic schedules will not allow you to visit the gym.

I started my exercise in a spare hour. I started from 5 minutes walk and now I am about 25 minutes now.

Search for Leslie walk youtube and Zumba workout. These are my favourite.


8: Don’t miss out your period!

Your periods will definitely make you crave for different things and that is pretty normal. If you want quick ways to weight loss for women so periods will be in your ways.

Eat whatever you want. Then manage in your normal days.

9:.Consult your doctor! 

As indicated by one 2016 investigation, genuine talk from your doctor might be the push you have to begin moving in the direction of your objectives. A few patients who went through only 30 seconds hearing why they expected to get in shape had the option to shed 10 per cent of their body weight.

If the meter is still showing the same weight after your changes, then check your thyroid and cholesterol levels.

10: Love your body anyway.

Your body needs love like nothing else. Love it. own it and then understand it. If your body needs water, have water. If it feels tired, get yourself proper rest. Try to have meditation. Get free fresh air. 

I will be back with another post and will tell you something again.

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