August 31, 2019

Most Expensive Perfume and their prizes (will blow your mind)

By mygossipgirl

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Being a deep fan of good smells and fragrances, I always want to collect different ranges of natural, or seductive smells not only perfumes, soaps, shampoos, washes and this entire range of body products that eventually boost the mood up.

 Obviously, everybody looks up to these luxuries in their budget, some junkies like me save some extra bucks to buy.

But today I am here to tell you about the perfume ranges which prices look like phone numbers. So grab your hearts and read below.

1. DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS : (Rs,156,821,070.69 Rupees per ounce)

It’s the most expensive perfume when famous designer DKNY collaborated with jewelry designer Martin Katz. Not only it’s fragrance, but the bottle was also extraordinary designed. It features 2909 precious stones that include 2700 white diamonds,183 Yellow sapphires, 15 striking pink diamonds imported from Australia, 4 rose-cut diamonds,7.18 carrot of oval cabochon sapphire from Australia.

It is worth one million dollars which was sold under 1500 hours in a way to New York City and the amount was donated to the hunger charity organization.

2.CHANEL GRAND EXTRAIT (Rs. 658,648.43 per ounces )

One of the world’s most expensive perfumes ever with a price of 4200 dollars per ounces. It has a flavor of all flowers that touches femininity.


3: BACCARAT LES LARMES SACREES DE THEBES (Rs.1,066,383.17 per ounce)

Per ounces) It costs about 6800 dollars per ounce having a scent of frankincense and myrrh. It was a limited edition with a pyramid crystal bottle.

4: HERMรˆS 24 FAUBOURG (Rs.235,231.56 per ounces)

It was considered the most expensive because it was only thousands of bottle created. It cost 1500 dollars per ounce and contains Iris, sandalwood, Ambergris, vanilla, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and Jasmine mixed up the fragrance.

5: CLIVE CHRISTIAN NO. 1 (Rs.337,165.27)

It was considered one of the most expensive perfumes between 2001-6 and was in shades of oriental male and floral female. It was of 2150 USD for an ounce.

These prices will give you high motivation to earn more and have at least one of these.

I am now questioning all the tech geek squad that why you don’t ever invent something for the sake of smell. just imagine that we install an app and take our noses to the screen to smell our favorite fragrances. hope one day this will happen or maybe there will be a device or the same things. Maybe it happens soon. Or maybe never.