September 16, 2019

Instagram login alert: Perks of being a hijaabi

By mygossipgirl

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If you want to find a crazy kind of happiness and some dose of really good vibes, then just go to Instagram login and search for PERKSOFBEINGAHIJABI.

I saw a post of an actress or blogger (I don’t specifically remember) and I found a comment loaded with heart emojis like ❀ and some wishes for the respective lady.

Then I noticed her comments in all the people I follow. Not only I noticed, I actually found that she is actually spreading Positivity.

Marium Started blogging when she finds herself deep down after her father’s death. She Sets an example to all those girls who wants to be a hijabi, not only hijabi but to that who wants to happy!


If you login Instagram to your account, you will found how people are spreading hate and negativity without even thinking for a second.

That’s how I discovered Mariam binte Younis.

A thoughtful, crazy, chatterbox and stylish hijabi girl, with a golden heart.

Not only she has this good vibes, but Mariam also has this talent. This talent is Makeup. Yes, makeup. Watch her tutorial and be a fan.

Marium is also a hit with hijab tutorials. If you’re a new hijabi, you really, really need to follow her.

Sometimes Marium sounds a bit serious. Like all other people. But all the other times, you’ll find her like a jumping doll, which you can’t control this.

So in this world full of dull and negativity, this is my advice to every other internet user that just search for PERKSOFBEINGAHIJABI just after your Instagram login. I swear you’ll find a complete package of everything. And you’ll definitely be a shashka gang (as per Mariam say).

Check her out and tell me now.

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