Ideas you can do while staying home during corona outbreak.

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Are you staying up home due to a coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus has become pandemic to all of the world. the economy has crashed, health declined and the routine got seriously disturbed. It’s not about just one or two places or countries, it all around the world. This virus is very cruel to all of humans, regardless of any discrimination. People and children are staying at home, with a limitation of minimum human interaction.

We have to cooperate with this emergency situation all over. But I know that staying home sometimes sucks. Everyone is staying at home, and it’s hard to manage, isn’t it?

I am here to tell you about things and activities you can do while staying home. Without being bored.

I am doing it for a while now since I am home too.

So let’s get started.

1: Let’s read

Many of you might be very good at reading. But many of you might not good at it. Just like me. I am usually in a hurry and occupied by the tough routine. So I never found time to read a book.

I am not saying to buy a new stash of books or novels. You can read old books you already have in your house.

2: Organize your home


Staying home means you can give a lot of time to organize your stuff. Get your wardrobes, shoes, anything.

3: Start home gardening.

Plants are the best decorative thing you can have. Plant little veggies including coriander, mint, lettuce, aloe vera, and other things. They are very low maintenance. I swear they will give much positive impact on you, and society too.

4: Netflix and chill.

There are many, many movies and series out there you can watch. I didn’t give me much time before. Nowadays I am watching la casa de Papel (money heist) and planned to watch the game of thrones too.

5: Start Youtube.

Search for the talent within yourself. Maybe you can do podcast, or vlog, or do anything. YouTubers earns more than you think.

Start Blogging if you are good at writing. Learn how to do SEO.

In this pandemic condition for COVID 19, try to find good things in your home. Please avoid personal interaction to maintain social distance.

Take extra care of yourself and your loved ones.

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