November 30, 2019

House cleaning services hacks you can do by yourself.

By mygossipgirl

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House cleaning service is essential in any climate or weather. No matter how amazing your furniture and household accessories are, if they are not shining or evenly cleaned, it means that no point of cleaning it.

Where I lived in Pakistan, the climate is naturally windy and dusty. So I have to clean my place a day after another. 

My cleaning services included mostly the items I picked from racks inside marts or grocery stores.

It mostly needed more than two bottles of normal spray glass cleaning.

It was obviously becoming high on my pocket.

Then guess what happens?

I got to know about diy cleaning services. And also I am here to tell you all.

DIY house Cleaning service #1: All purpose cleaner.

This is a magic cleaner you can made all from your kitchen.

All you need is vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and water.

Mix them into the proportion where you can make them in right. Not too watery, nor too soapy.

DIY house cleaning service #2 : Bathroom cleaner.

One portion is for vinegar, and one is for detergent. Mix them together, and make use of this to clean your bathroom and toiletries surfaces


DIY house cleaning service #3 : Glass cleaner.

Mix vinegar and water with an equal amount. Then add ten drops of lemon juice.

Add this in spray bottle and clean glass, and whatever you want.

DIY house cleaning service #4 : Air fresheners.

This is the best And my favorite. You can have air purifiing new plants in your living room.

Also add lavender or tea tree drops oil in water and spray it all around.

What is the best part?Β 

All these cleaning service ingredients you can find in the kitchen and in your fridge. You can have all in your budget and can save many, many bucks of you.

Tell me the best tip you received today, also if you have anything regarding this. 

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