healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss
April 8, 2020

Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

By mygossipgirl

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I am very fond of breakfast. I loved to have leftover meals like pizza or anything the next day. Then I came to know about the facts that I should have something healthy. When I know about the fact that nutrient-dense meals to be more energetic the entire day. I researched it and then summarized some points on healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss.

First thing, Make it clear to never skipping breakfasts. NEVER ever starting your day like that will be very dangerous for you. Either Your morning meal is greek yogurt or a simple boil egg, eating breakfast is always a very good start you give to you. 

There is a quote our ancestors say, You should have your breakfast like a king, lunch like a rich and dinner like a poor.

This means that you have rich or healthy fats at the starting of your day. If you already knew this and worried about how to aid weight loss, I have prepared a list for myself and I am now benefiting myself.

The following are some healthy ideas for you and your loved ones, to have good morning meals.


The one thing I read about oatmeals, is the best food for weight loss when you eat that 3 hours before your exercise. It’s because of its a  slow-release carbohydrate that will not spike blood sugar as other carbohydrates do. Also by eating oatmeals, you will be feeling full till long time and its full of fiber and protein. You can make it sweet with fruits and salty with some shredded chicken. Of course, you’ll find recipes.

Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

2: Eggs

I guess this thing considered a universal breakfast food. And why not? Eggs are the things that are easiest to make, You can eat egg white alone or mix with yolk and whatever you like. Eggs are gifts from nature.

You only have almost 70 calories from eating one egg while you can much more when you have some other thing like a bagel. I loved to make scrambled eggs, or Spanish omellete sometimes and have feeling fuller longer.

Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

3: Peanut butter

You will be shocked maybe to know that nuts butter is the best breakfast when you lose weight. I don’t know why nuts have a very bad reputation among all that they have more fats or bad for your health. According to a study at Harvard, nuts have amazing calories full of nutritious that is good for your body. You can have any nut butter including almond or peanut. I have a jar full of peanut butter and I love it. 

Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss
Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

The three things are my must and go to things. While I also prefer chia seeds in summers and sometimes black beans for a change.

If you’re struggling with weight loss, try to have at least one of these. And trust me, it will bring change for sure. If you have any other healthy breakfast for weight loss, then comment down below.
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