August 12, 2019

Reasons to see your Grandparents as a blessing.

By mygossipgirl

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Parents of your parents are the best part of any house. Grandma and Grandpa always have a positive and powerful impact on every single being in a house.

I remember how they both used to be awake when I go to school. My grandpa always gives me an eclair, a cracker, and something that will boost my excitement.

Whenever I dressed up for any party or occasion, my maternal grandmother praises me a lot and makes me feel like I am a princess.

There are also some various and legit reasons. Here I am stating some in following.

1: They have answers for your every question.

No matter how much young or adult you are. You might have a question in your mind.probably we are going to search for it on Google but mostly Google doesn’t understand your mood and emotions to this question.

But asking your grandparents will definitely lead you to the right and wonderful answers.

2: They always have a space for you in their bed.

Yes. This is like hugging a pillow. You will always find a nice, cozier and comfortable place when you are scary at night. And you will feel safer than anyone else.

3: Grandparents will always make your tummy happy.

There will be times when mummy scolds you to be away from junk. But grandpa will bring you a bar of chocolate and keep that in your pocket very secretly. Grandma will make you world’s yummiest dishes and will make your feed by her hands. I can bet on this that this taste you will never find again in the world.

4: Your Grandparents will teach you in the most amazing way.

Grandma and Grandpa always teach you life lessons, in the most amazing way. You have to be patient, you have to be kind, remember these all are things they taught you and you still remember this.

5: If you meet their relatives, they will give the best introduction to you.

“She is the nicest girl ever” or “she is too genius” no matter how dumb you are. Grandma and Grandpa will lead you to the best, best motivation.

6: They are the best storytellers.

  Grandparents will share their experienced stories. They will say with actions and fake voices. And they will also say you your parent’s naughty acts. I swear they are going to change your mood by that.

7: They have your pictures of everything.

Before these camera and Digi inventions, they use to take every photo of you in their old film camera. I remember they make me pose for everything and saved it. Also, they do have a collection of their children and grandchildren.

8: They are your mentors.

Even from riding a bicycle to book reading. From painting and sketching. Grandma will design your wardrobe and will make you a completely handmade collection. Grandpa will teach you the dignity of hard work and Passion.

9: They’ll fulfill you every little and big dreams.

I remembered once I want to have chicks in my childhood and I discussed that with my grandpa at night. The next morning my grandpa disappeared from the house before everyone else wakes up. Everybody in the house gets worried because of his health issues we’re going on and time has passed.

By the evening, he cames home, with a box of six little colorful chicks and makes me joyful like no one.

10: Their love is unconditional.

No matter what and which generation you belong to, your grandparents love you anyway. They give nicest hugs. And warmest wishes for every occasion, motivation for your entire day no matter how much lost your mood is.

Grandparents are a great blessing. You probably don’t have time for him/her due to your busy schedules (all praises to social media) but they have for you. They are not for your all life, as they already entered in their last spell of life. They might have a health issue, but trust me they love you. Go and spend some time on them. Go buy some gift. make them teach some phone so they will connect to their friends too. If you don’t do this, I swear you’re going to regret it later.