August 6, 2019


By mygossipgirl

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Friends are the relationship we choose. Everybody in this world has a bunch of friendships we love to spend our time with. Not just our time, we love to share our everything including our clothes too.

Every year on 30 July we witness world friendship day where friends all over the world share heartfelt gifts and celebrate this day fully.

Recently on 30 July 2019, we decided to show you the ultimate bondage of friendships all over the globe which are famous. Here we bring some as follows:

1: Will Smith and Tom Cruise.

The hero’s of Hollywood are good friends until now. There is a special bond they share both as we all know. Will Smith’s always shares good vibes for tom. We just can’t wait to see them sharing screens.

Will and tom at an event

2: Julia Roberts and George Clooney: 

They both are non-Hollywood friends says by themselves. We all know that they met from ocean eleven and maintain a bond since then.

Julia enjoying Clooney’s company during an interview

3: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Everybody who knows Leo knows about the bond these two shares. Leo and Kate played roles in a romantic and unforgettable and evergreen Titanic, which stoles the hearts of millions. We saw them having huge respect and love for each other, in different moments and events.

Whattay adorbs!

4: Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. 

These both slayers are deep in this friendship with each other early 90 when they were in the same band called Girls tyme.


We saw Beyonce commented on her best friend social account too.

5: Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Both are young and full of fun. These two iconic divas are friends since their early careers of modeling and seriously, we can’t stop us to adore them.

Fashion, Fun, Friendships

6: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez 

The pop music sensations are always, always on the jam list of youngsters like me. We grew up listening to both of them. Selena and Taylor share a good friendship together.

Queens of pop.

7: Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie:

Kim Kardashian was a star for only an age 12 and Nicole was the daughter of a famous singer. These girls share their time of golden era.

8: Rihanna and Cara delevingne

This friendship came into being a few years ago where two wild hearts meet. We love to see Cara and Rihanna together in parties and in events 

IfWhat You just said vs Oh yes! had a face

9: Justin Timberlake and Ryan gosling.

This bond is about more than two decades. We love to see both of them growing together in this bond of friendship.

Then and now friendships and bromance goals

10: Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle:

Newly Wed’s friends with their own husband respectively, Priyanka steps into Hollywood and made some friends and Meghan is one of them. Priyanka shares a deep thought on Meghan’s wedding where she enjoys the royal wedding fully.

We love all of them and wish they have this friendships last forever.