August 7, 2019

Things you should never feel embarrassed about it again.

By mygossipgirl

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We all have different personalities and feelings. But do you know that there are different reasons people don’t feel good about or feel embarrassed? Reasons can be major or minor, these things make us feel incomplete. You may feel low by scrolling your feed or by taking your odd course class.

There are certain things of life we shamed about. Here are some things I gathered which you don’t need to embarrass.


1: If you’re emotional.

There are people who Start shedding tears without reasons or maybe during a movie scene. There are also people who jiggle and cheers fully. If you’re one of them, then you don’t have to apologize later or ever for what you did.

tears are fine.

2: Body size.

You may feel shy when you are surrounded by some slim and smart people. You may feel depressed or low. Good news is, you can build your body by yourself. You can shed weight, also you can build your curves. But if you can’t, remember that looks Don’t matter always. You have to be grateful that you are living your life without any challenge.

3: Any Disability.

Sometimes nature examines you by a challenge. This challenge is may be physical or mental. Remember that people who lack in one thing, masters in another. You may don’t see, but you can hear or speak amazingly.

Btw do you remember Muniba Mazari? How this iron lady is proving herself, how she became an inspiration to many.

4: Your Past.

Not everybody is blessed by the best past. Maybe you had (unfortunately) a traumatic childhood. Sometimes Maybe because of your parents. Or Maybe your spouse was a cheater. No worries! Here is a life you can lead by your own choice. You can find a way. And never feel bad about what happened, just focus on your present.


5: The miss arranged room or closet or anything.

Maybe your room is messed up or maybe your workplace is. If someone visited your place all of a sudden, then it’s their fault. You are a workaholic, and there are many chores already lined up in your routine. Also, the more mess is equal to more creativity.

No its not messy

6: If you don’t know the name of the new menu/new dish / or new restaurant

It’s maybe possible that your fellows might laugh when you didn’t know how to pronounce it. Or maybe you’re stuck between the cutlery. You don’t have to be embarrassed about this. How you would know about this Thai cuisine place, you are not a Thailand born.

How would I know?

7: If you have periods/ cramps.

 Sometimes periods behave like an unwanted and unexpected visitors, leaving bad stains and odors at tough situations and time. If you encounter an unpleasant period, you have to deal with it smartly with the pad or tampon. If you have a cramp, then you can sit, or lay down. Don’t be ashamed of it. It’s natural.

8: If you don’t have money.

This is the main reason why the majority of us are ashamed in front of the people. Remember when it comes to money, you should always look below your mark. Maybe you are working hard and your money is for the rest of your life. Maybe you have a family to look or have a baby you want to save money for. Don’t ever feel ashamed if you are in this situation.

All empty all fine.