my eid 2020
May 27, 2020

My thoughts on eid 2020, and preparation

By mygossipgirl

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Eid is the religious festival of the Muslims worldwide. There are two eids every year. This eid 2020 what we celebrated today is eid ul fire which took over after Ramadan as a present.

Every year we celebrate it fully with family and friends. Wearing new clothes and jewelry and stuff. Cleaning with extra households. 

Recalling my childhood, when I and my family rush to my Nani(maternal grandma) house. All the other cousins, my aunts gathered together by appraising the looks. My Nani always, always love me like no one. Maybe because back then I was the only girl who existed. My mehndi, my bangles, and purse I specially bought to collect eidi.

Specially made shami kebabs and pulao, binging with sheer khurma and spending all the other afternoon with Nani.

In the evening we gear up again to dine out at the restaurant, especially Chinese.

Going back home, that use to became my best ride. I used to be happiest, having money in my purse, the best dish in my tummy, and sleep in my eyelids.

Recalling these memories I was having yesterday. Thankfully, these are the best memories I had at least of these festive.

Anyways, let me just tell you what are the things and special protocols we do for eid. I am not very much pro at all of these stages, but I try at least.

Stage one of prep of eid 2020: Mission cleaning.

Although we almost do the cleaning stuff on our surfaces and furniture. But on eid especially, we tide up all the things inside and outside. Ceilings, walls, shelves, and new installments of curtains, sheets and decor.

I also did it. Standing on the highest stool to reach the corner of the wall. By the fear of not falling off I successfully did with my special broom.

my cleaned up ceiling fan i did on eid 2020. i also don’t know why i posted here!

Stage two of prep of eid 2020: Mission self rehearsal.

Every time back in the past, women use to visit beauty salons to feel better. Facials, manicure, and Pedi or spa. 

This eid, I managed to do it all by myself. My hair care, my skin prep all by myself, also I gave my hair a gift of some layered cut. Shaped my brows. It feels so good to have a change.


Although I didn’t manage to apply henna because of the errands and all. 

Final look and thought about eid 2020.

This was a very different kind of eid. We stayed home almost. We received no guest as we had on usual eids before. No dining out. There were two reasons I had no heart of doing these things.

1- Obviously due to the Global Pandemic. Nothing lasts like it used to be.

2- There was a plane crash 2 days back in my city. I was devastated by seeing all the chaos. The death ratio is increasing like we never witnessed before. And the deaths of crashes are the worst. The worst, I repeat.

All the things made me so sad. I had many things to upload on Instagram and here, but my heart and mind didn’t allow me. Realized a few things along with the emotions.

-I can do all my stuff by myself. don’t have to rely on somebody.

-Life is getting a simple change. Maybe we are entering a different time.

-The unpredictability is real. So real.

-learned that I can be happy alone, within myself.

dressed up a bit on eid 2020. i really wanted to dress up more.

tried to make myself up for a while. not bad right?

I don’t know about you, maybe you had a good time with your eid, or maybe not. Maybe you witnessed the same situations or maybe you became a victim too.

These times are making me so different man. I am no longer the same as I used to be.

Tell me about you. how did you spend your eid 2020? 

I pray for peace and love. And this COVID to be over as soon as possible.

Cheers to all.