World earth day 2020
April 23, 2020

Are you celebrating World earth day 2020?

By mygossipgirl

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Firstly, I am pretty thankful for google. The team made sure of every event and every special occasion to remind us in a very beautiful way. I opened up my phone, saw google, and realized it’s earth day 2020.

Since its not a good year( I am sure to everyone). We are all depressed, sad, and worried. It’s like we’re all prisoners in our own spaces. Maybe I am too negative about thinking. But what to do now. 

Once someone said, when there is too much devastation in nature, nature tends to do corrections by themselves. It really hits me hard.

And I keep on thinking.

What is this earth?

Is this only space? Or some soil, maybe much more soil. No, my dear.

It’s power. mineral. food. energy .a place we all belong to. 

It isn’t strange that our waste when mix with it, became food. 

We took all from it. Almighty gave us earth like a mother. We keep talking, and the earth is giving it generously without even complaining. 

It’s maybe like we all just diverted our attention from taking earth care.

World earth day 2020

What wrong we did?

Just keeping it like my guess, when we started inventions in technology, and when we interfere in natural processes.

Also, you can say that human beings keep on “using” earth on our own benefits. Humans started misusing it actually.

We keep wasting the goods which we should save it for our future.

Then this “misusing” became a disaster.

We damaged our mother. spoiled it by ourselves. We did wrong to marine, to flora, to fauna, to land, to air.

The reaction is a real and natural process. It has to be done for the sake of our betterment maybe. You can’t say I am wrong. Because you also can see ozone healing in its own way. That’s amazing.

World earth day 2020

How should we celebrate earth day?

I remember on world earth day 2019, we(me and my fellows) had a campaign where we planted some shrubs in the garden of our university. Everyone participated well in this activity well so did i. Worlds earth day 2019 activities Also include some interesting things like dramas and plays, we all discussed earth day it started, and how it’s going on. Obviously, it was my last year and we did it so nicely. Its actually making me tearful when I see world earth day 2020. How everyone is just so into corona fear and even thinking about earth day. Well, I thought we all will be celebrating it like we all do in from our habitats and will be reserving energy by switching off the lights like every year. But sigh.

World earth day 2020

The importance of earth day lies every day. It’s not as we only behave well to this day only. Or do planting on the 22nd of April. We have to be respectful to our mother nature every day, even every moment. Its a gift and no one has any right to do wrong. We will be asked at the day o judgment about what we’ve done.

Plant more trees. Stop using plastic or minimize usage. Don’t harm any creature. Don’t waste water and food. Stop deforestation. Stop killing animals for your enjoyment.

World earth day 2020

I know you know all of this. But it’s like so good when you recall my name when you did any wrong. Maybe my words will be beneficial to the earth. That’s all.

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