May 3, 2020

Cravings for sweets satisfied: vermicelli bites.

By mygossipgirl

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Cravings for sweets satisfied: vermicelli bites.

Since Ramadan Mubarak has begun with loads of blessings, it gives us a mood obviously with a sudden break in routines. There is obviously more than four amazing dishes every day on our meal table. And that’s why I am so grateful to Almighty God.

Anyways. I am always a sugar tooth. I always sneak for chocolates and candies. Sometimes I hide sweets from my siblings. I love cakes, sweets, candies, ice creams and everything having white grains. That is the main reason why I gain weight so soon.

 Being in a sugary relationship, I am now cravings for sweets. And being in Ramadan I have to be careful for not being selfish in that means.

Actually, my cravings for sugar came from the gene. All my family love to bite something sugary for the taste just a little. But I am on the top always.

Being that craving for the longest time, I was scrolling my phone as always. I saw a blogger doing some sponsored thing doing. Actually, it was a recipe of something sweet and very easily made.

I am sharing this all of you because these products are very easily find in your pantry or the stores nearby.

So let’s get into it. I followed all in my insta. Just follow me there.

Ingredients required:

-vermicelli one packet.

-Two or more tablespoon of sugar

-milk powder or milk(full cream preferred.)

-two small cardamom

-a spoonful of butter.

– khoya (it’s a milk product if you didn’t know. It’s available in sweet shops or you can make this on your own self. This thing is totally optional. You can skip it if you didn’t want)


– A handful of almond, pistachios and dry coconut to garnish the dish.

Let’s get into the final recipe.

-Heat the pan and melt the butter.

-In this point, you turn the flame into the middle. And add two cardamoms with by cutting them openly.

– Open the vermicelli packet. break them into pieces and add them into that heated environment.

-stir it a while, low the flame if needed because the vermicelli will get burn.

-Add sugar as you want. Stir it a while.

-Add milk, khoya. 

– leave it for a while. See the milk drying and the vermicelli getting bigger and soft a little.

– Turn off the flame. Let it cool.

Garnish it.

Not while it’s getting cool in the pot you made,

Cravings for sweets satisfied.

Grease Butter or oil a little in the garnishing tray.

Spread the cooked vermicelli into tray and level it.

Now add crushed dry fruits generously.

Cool it a while. Cut into bites if you want.

I didn’t do it. I like it the way it is.

Everybody around me enjoyed it very much. My cravings for sugar got satisfied here with an amazing doze of appreciation.

It made my day. So I thought I had to share this amazing tip with all of you.

I’ll be waiting for your feedback. If it’s a game changer for you too, then I will be surely back with some new recipes for you.