Easy bake recipe: Chicken bread to the rescue.

How to make the easiest and simple easy bake recipe of chicken bread. I never thought I would be posting the recipe ever because I never consider myself a good chef. But this quarantine let me experience the things which I never ever thought to. So I knead the dough for pizza I had to […]

Cute Wallpapers to download now!

Since in this quarantine results in productivity and creative process together. we see people encountering with different things. Some have to turn into chefs, painters and whatnot. I was searching for cute wallpapers and found nothing in here. I mean on Google and Instagram. Recently discovered a new app, then I tried to make it […]

New year events happens around the world

Twelfth month of the year is here. Like every year, we can not (I mean me) did not ever believe how the year went by. And new year event brings many tears together. Some are joyful and some tears have complains of some unfulfilled plans. I decided to watch every new year events around the […]

Are you suffering from Winter Blues?

Winters are about to hit in Pakistan and nearby places. Maybe your area is chilled out right now. Heaps of individuals get discouraged in winter, or experience the ill effects of the “winter blues”. The restorative name for this winter despondency is a regular full of feeling issues of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  On the […]

Momin Saqib is soon to be in a film!

Instagram sensation Momin Saqib is finally stepping in the film. You must be known about the guy who got famed by his emotional attachment for the Pakistani cricket team a few years back. He broke all the records and won our hearts because we found something relatable. Maybe you don’t know about him, but I […]

Plants that you have to keep in your house.

Also read:https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/advice/g1285/hard-to-kill-plants/ Late spring is drawing nearer in with it. You have all the more outside plans including investing significant lots of energy in your nursery. Either taking the sun, perusing a book or on a BBQ with companions. In any case, with the ascended of the warmth, there’s an adversary that turns out too: […]

How to Get ready in 5 minutes in real.

Also read: http://How to Get Ready in 5 Minutes – Advice from a Twenty Something On the off chance that there was an honor for effectively being late for class regardless of how hard I attempted, I would’ve been late to tolerating that grant toward the start of school. My mornings included awakening in a […]

Life hacks to give you a boost.

and they are just very simple Also, read: http://6 Hacks For An Instant Mood Boost – Lifehack We all have days in our life we don’t enjoy. Nothing seems more interesting and everything you’re doing seems that it’s senseless. You’re not depressed, nor you might not find any specific reason to be in this motionless […]