September 16, 2019

Instagram Blogging Alert: Rantsofdesibride

By mygossipgirl

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Talking about the initial days when blogging isn’t very common. Very few people were in this business back then. I am talking about 2015-16 where this girl particularly had an idea about what will specifically be hit.

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Have you ever consciously known when you're doing something for the last time? You know how you meet a friend one day and then before you know it, you realize you havent spoken to/seen that friends in years and you wonder what happened there. Or the last time you went out on the street to play cricket with your gali wale friends. Can you recall that day? I've been thinking about a lot of "lasts" and there are just too many. There were people I met on a daily basis who I have no idea are where anymore. There are places that I used to visit all the time and now some of them don't even exist. It feels so weird when I look back at it because so many of those activities and people used to be such an integral part of my life – and now they are not. And there was no void, no sense of loss while at one point I couldn't imagine my life without them. I am not referring to losing someone to death, because that is a completely different situation – beyond anyone's control. Neither am I talking about something like the last day of school – because we all know it has to end at some point. Here I am talking about things that we could still be doing but somehow just don't. We moved on and didn't even realize it. Also makes me wonder what I would've done differently if I'd known I'd never get to do this thing/see these people again. Us humans, we are so complex. So weird. Also, hi 🙂 #RantsofaDesiBride #InstaBlogger #InstaBlog #PakistaniBloggers #Pakistan

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Introducing Fauzia Zafar. Commonly known as rants of a Desi bride when she started rants in her blogging. 

Fauzia got married to Faizan in 2015. Both of them fall in love and in each other madness and decided to spent their lives together.

I might say fauzia is one of the rarely founded blogger who is Real.

Yes. I really don’t know why I have this deep feeling about bloggers these days that they always show a very good and fake side.

We all know life is a mixture of sweet and spices together. I find Fauzia one of those to keep in check in both of them.

Fauzia has a great sense of blogging along with strong developed taste buds. she is a real foodie. Actually fauzia and Faizan both really make you enjoy different sorts of breakfasts to dinner Schedules on off days (maybe). Sometimes I think why she’s so sleek n smart as her blogging capabilities.

Wait for a wanderlust. Yes, fauzia is a real one. Since I got to know her she visited many cities in the US, Europe. Recently she was in turkey. She makes us her company through all of her journeys and I really enjoyed that.

If you’re looking for a real rant girl, just follow her on different socials as she keeps us updated. You will definitely love her company and rants, and pictures with Faizan and something happening around her. 

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