May 8, 2020

10 best self-care routine ideas in quarantine.

By mygossipgirl

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The society I belong to is very middle class, majorly from the middle class to the lower middle class. I know ladies from here, actually not only the ladies, it includes all the gentry. People care for themselves because they have to meet people or interact with. Men use to trim their hairs because they have to go to work. And women here have different aspects of having self-care routine ideas like they want to look better with others, they have to please their spouses, etc.

I know most of us are so into their care. And most of us don’t care about their care. But there are very few people in real who take care of themselves for them, not to prove anything.

Today I am here to show you some self-care routine ideas you can do while being in isolation and staying home. It’s important equally to be home and safe, actually it is the most important self-care today.

I am here to tell you why it is important to take care of yourself, your body, and your mind. 

So why it is important to have a self-care routine?

These days are so slow to be very honest. We are just thinking about how many more days we have to count being home. It’s making us lazier and we are eating and sleeping and chilling with Netflix.

It’s actually bad for our mind and body both. So we will be discussing the activities that will beneficial for both.

Being in quarantine is really tough. Try to follow these things along with better and healthy food options and sleep cycles. Let’s begin with the best ideas I gathered for you.

1: Make a list of things and people you’re grateful for.

According to me, my almost plans for this year have flopped. So the first thing came up to my mind is why.this is happening with me? My life is so trash. Is this only me or you too?

Being home for three months made me wanna cry. So what I do is, I made a list of things I am really genuinely grateful for. It makes me more hopeful and helps me think more positively.

Self care routine ideas

2:  Pick a book to read.

Go to the coziest place you have in your home and grab a book. You can even read a book on your phone as PDF versions. Also, I have two think and grow rich and reclaim your heart, books in PDF, comment down, I’ll mail you.

Self care routine ideas

3: Try out a new dessert recipe.

My Instagram and YouTube are full of the content recipe people are experimenting with full confidence. Try a new dessert, why the desert? Because it’s the easiest form of cooking you can do. Look at this recipe I made a while ago.


Check this recipe I made a while ago.

Self care routine ideas

4:  Go for a walk.

 I know its a stay at home order for us all. But you can do walk for a nearby street. Do all the preventing measures and sanitize yourself. It’s amazing to walk outside these days because there are minimal traffic and less human. Experiment with the sound of animals, birds, wind. Its springtime and will give you an amazing 


Self care routine ideas

5: Reorganize your room and wardrobe.

De-clutter all the stuff you have in excess. Charitable clothes are accepted by many people who need it. Change the setting of your home with the help of housemates. It will give you a good chance.

Self care routine ideas

6: Focus on your body today.

Watch your posture. Do posture exercises. Watch your body shape. Include some other exercises from YouTube for a minute. Do yoga if you want.

Self care routine ideas

7: Watch some ted talk 

TEDx talks have some real experiences and stories. You’ll be motivated a lot to do anything by yourself. Listen to their amazingness. My favorite ted talk is by Elizabeth Gilbert. Give it a ear if you haven’t.

Have a look here.

Self care routine ideas

8: Do extra cleaning at your home.

Roam around and make a good solution including Dettol drops. Clean and sanitize all corners and cupboards kinds of stuff. It will take a day, but it’s worth it.

Self care routine ideas

9: Have a home spa.

Watch some good videos on YouTube and make a spa day for yourself. It will relax you for sure if you plan after cleaning day.  Do your facials, hand pedicure, and foot spa.

Self care routine ideas

10: Reflect on your past.

Make an analysis list for yourself comparatively last year. Is your life change, if yes then is it positive?  If no then why you didn’t proceed. Make your professional, personal and spiritual lists and compare yourself.

Self care routine ideas

These are some self-care routine ideas for you to do apply in your life. I am also practicing it soon and want my followers to apply them too. I hope you’ll do better with your life.