October 24, 2019

A Letter to Fakhir from Khaas

By mygossipgirl

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Dear Fakhir from Khaas,

You are one of those rarely founded men (read husband) in a world full of Ammars

I don’t know why I feel so comfortable when your green coloured eyes show love and undeniable trust for Saba. Not actually just Saba, You were actually a very good friend for any human.

I considered Saba lucky when she got you. Actually she really was. There are loads of Saba here around, but as I said, you were really rare.

Some of your lines really hit me hard. Some of the actions too. Like when you allow your spouse to wear black on a special occasion. When you suggested her to get a job in her ex-husbandโ€™s office.When you don’t let her leave without breakfast. But the last line of Saba when she quoted you,” Hum saharey k lie logo ko kyun dhoondte hain, sab se bara Sahara you uper wale ki zaat hai Jo hum Sab ka Khaliq hai


This line will stay forever.

I wished you could live more. The world needs more people like you. The end was tragic yet leaves me sobbed and impactful.

Thanks for living a big life, and setting an example.

A sincere viewer of 

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