what are some roadblocks to self-love?

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what are Roadblocks to self-love?

This is now making a sense of self-love that it exists. So what is the thing that pulled like a string to do self-love? Like it, all seem interesting, but not like something to implement. Is this the same thing you’re thinking of?

There are many, many roadblocks to self-love. And there would be so.

But today, here, I will be talking about general things.

And mentioning that, Here my focus is for women. Because according to me, women and housewives let go of themselves after being.married. and I saw a lot of people and girls saying this, we don’t have to be a celebrity right?

If you’re not a celebrity, then you have to take care of you thinking you’re no less than a star.

what are the roadblocks to self-love


There are some illusions and fairness we have created that pushes ourselves at the bottom of the list.

I understand this fact that we have people around us, depending on us and we can’t let them ignore them.

You don’t have to. Let’s explore this bubble.

Grant yourself permission.

What is the biggest struggle with loving yourself is, we don’t grant us the exact position of value?

This may look hard, but come on!

Convince yourself that you can do it.

You have to fill your cup before, that’s how you can love anyone else.

Begin to look at the benefits of taking time for you. You will look at these moments later and love it.

Do it by yourself.

How do you begin to love yourself?

It’s simple. Don’t rely on anyone. Any expectation or some other person. Although you can take help from other people. You will reach a point where it all becomes too much and you’re desperate to ask for help but too afraid to do so.

There are times in your life where you neglect your tiny wishes because you think it’s not important. Please give yourself some space to enjoy that little hope of your heart.


The thoughts of others

What will she think when she listens that I do this(any particular self-care thing, for example, spa) thing for me?

The thought you have like this is your real enemy. Don’t let them up on you so much that you think why do I struggle to love myself?

Don’t allow someone from outside to be so cruel to you.

Please don’t.

the other thought

Respect the word “No”

No is the most powerful word. We really don’t have any realization about this because we did not never really use it.


Because we don’t want to feel guilty.

We don’t want to disappoint others because we know how bad it feels.

We don’t know how to say it without being harsh or resulting bad.

say no! to all roadblocks

Begin to learn to say no by not agreeing to the request right away, and instead let the person know that you need to make sure about your comfort zone.

Remember that you’re not responsible for other reactions. Let go and don’t think too much. Keep yourself in your mind first.

Don’t be too busy to neglect yourself guys.

What are some roadblocks in your life? And how do we keep on going on these paths? You know it.

Know the proper meaning of self-love, and self-care of course.

I will be back with part three of my self-love series.

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