The 4 STEPS TO SELF-LOVE to change your life into Magic

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Understanding the SEVEN STEPS TO SELF-LOVE to change your life

I am sure that you guys might read all my previous talks about self-love chapters, so this would be the last chapter saying about all the steps involving to change your life within the self.

Let’s recall all that since day one. I started this series of self-love by affirmation quotes and understanding what self-love is.

Then I moved to the importance of self-love, moving towards what self-love is not.

Also, I deeply discussed the roadblocks to self-care and self-love.

Now finally, the seven steps to self-love. Let’s just understand it fully because I want when you shut your laptop or screen, you know the importance of self-love completely.

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What is SELF- Awareness.

What awareness means? You know it right. The knowledge of knowing where do I am standing. Knowing about the thoughts and feelings. What you should do with the whole presence of mind without judging and questioning about anything.

Am I happy?

Do I have a good relationship with others

Do I deserve to be happier

Am I developing toxic traits within myself

These are some small steps to self-love. Being aware means knowing fully about yourself.

Be aware not to confuse any of these with somebody else.

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Know more about self-expression.

Just to make sure you know, lack of self-expression can make you physically and emotionally tired and exhausted. Self-expression is really something to know about yourself. Means if you are really able to listen to yourself, then you will be listening to others.

Keep focusing on being authentic and honest, but you have to be positive about things. Positive approach towards yourself will depict a positive picture of you because truth can be harsh several times.

Also, self-expression will make you a good listener. And it will build a very soft and good plant in another one’s heart.


What is Self- acceptance?

You love your friends and your family, and everyone around you just the way there

are. The good, the ugly and the bad sides you do accept. Because this is the way you love about them.

But why you become so hard on yourself?

Be easy. Accept you with all the compassion.

Your all sides are you original. Don’t make it fake for anyone.

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Please make a promise to invest in most of you. The only one with you will be you. You have to invest your money, your time, your love and your positive vibes to you for the sake of your mental peace and love.

You will be thankful if you invest in yourself. The better time you spend, the better future will be waiting for you.

Make journals for positive vibes. Make diaries and note your moves. Cut every toxic relationship you have in your life. Minimal your social media. Well that a very different topic ill be writing soon about its toxicity.

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It’s magical when you’ll feel such peace and trust in your self. Choose this way of life full of freedom of thought.

This was the last part of my self love series. I will be back soon with self-awareness parts you missed all the parts, then here’s a little recap:

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