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Selena Gomez is back with an album

Selena is back with her new album. A bad liar, and rare. Selena Gomez surprised her fans with the announcements she on social sites. rocks herself back with “lose to love me” in October 2019, and everybody loves her new look and avatar. Selena shared the trailer on her feed with a thank you note […]

Are you following “You” Netflix show?

I have been hooked to a series on you Netflix. Last year when I finished my exams and was on break, I started this show somehow by luck.  And damn, I just can’t stop loving Joe Goldberg. You netflix comes back with Joe, who killed his love, Beck (Elizabeth Lail). pulled off it toward the […]

What movie came out in 2019? (And had a blast)

Are you out of the plans to spend your winter vacation? I am writing this post for the ones Who didn’t know about what movies came out in 2019. So here I am making your difficulty into ease. Maybe you are asking for friends to join in, maybe you’re busy with the schedules of your […]

New year countdown resolutions for year 2020.

This year is coming to an end. The winter season is going too fast I guess. The duration of the daytime has been reduced and cool breezes are doing great. The new year countdown is started. What I didn’t realize is, It’s actually not just the new year countdown, it’s a new decade countdown. I […]

New year events happens around the world

Twelfth month of the year is here. Like every year, we can not (I mean me) did not ever believe how the year went by. And new year event brings many tears together. Some are joyful and some tears have complains of some unfulfilled plans. I decided to watch every new year events around the […]

House cleaning services hacks you can do by yourself.

House cleaning service is essential in any climate or weather. No matter how amazing your furniture and household accessories are, if they are not shining or evenly cleaned, it means that no point of cleaning it. Where I lived in Pakistan, the climate is naturally windy and dusty. So I have to clean my place […]

5 morning workout routines you can Practice!

There are two types of people in the world. People who wakes in the morning, and people who live on every morning. You know what I am saying.  We all know that one person in our lives that wakes up happily everyday. Also he used to manage his day without any chaos. . Now let […]

5 foods to include in your diet plan!

Food you should include in your diet plan! Losing weight is one of the things in my bucket list but I don’t really consider to starve. I made myself including these things in my diet plan and guess what? It really helps me control my weight by eating. Also, you have to be fit and […]

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