December 2, 2019

New year events happens around the world

By mygossipgirl

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Twelfth month of the year is here.

Like every year, we can not (I mean me) did not ever believe how the year went by.

And new year event brings many tears together. Some are joyful and some tears have complains of some unfulfilled plans.

I decided to watch every new year events around the world. Isn’t it crazy how the whole world gathers to welcome the new year together ?

I gathered all the List out to make all the new year evening events according to Pakistan time.

First new year event across the globe!

If we see in the news , technically Australia Sydney harbour bridge is the first one to celebrate it.

definitely it’s not. Pacific island of Tonga rang became the first one to celebrate the happy new year event.

Maybe you don’t have any interest, but i am sure you enjoys it.

 Here are the celebrations of countries comes turn by Turn.

1-Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati

2- New Zealand

3-Most of Australia

4-Japan, South Korea and North Korea

 China, Philippines, Singapore

5- thailand, Cambodia and large parts of Indonesia



7- Nepal

8-India and Sri Lanka

9- Pakistan

10- Azerbaijan


12-Turkey, Iraq, Kenya and most of Russia

13-Greece, Romania, South Africa, Hungary and other central and eastern European cities

14- Germany, France, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Spain

 15- UK, Ireland, Ghana, Iceland, Portugal

16-Regions of Brazil

17- Argentina, regions of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay

18- Some regions of Canada, Bolivia, Puerto Rico

19 – Eastern Standard Time in the US – New York, Washington, Detroit and Cuba

20- Central Standard Time in the US – Chicago

21- Mountain Standard Time in the US – Colorado, Arizona

22-Pacific Standard Time  in the US – LA, Nevada


24- Hawaii

25- American Samoa

26- Baker Island, Howland Island

country to celebrate the new year event lastly!

celebrate the new year event lastly is  Hawaii.

So let’s celebrate it together with prayers,joy and love and wish the prosperity together.

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