December 13, 2019

New year countdown resolutions for year 2020.

By mygossipgirl

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This year is coming to an end. The winter season is going too fast I guess. The duration of the daytime has been reduced and cool breezes are doing great. The new year countdown is started.

What I didn’t realize is,

It’s actually not just the new year countdown, it’s a new decade countdown.

I spend all my childhood, schooling, and high school life in this era. All my teenage age, friendship and whatnot. You can say this was my learning and development period.

The next decade will be my giving period. Of course, I am nervous. And excited. 

So I decided to have set better resolutions for my life ahead. 

I thought to share this with you guys.

Without wasting any time, let’s just dive into the list.

1: To get in shape

I’ve always been a chubby girl who wakes up at night and chunks a bite of leftover pizza. I took my health very lenient. I want to cut all these junks and have my carbs in a limited amount. 

2: To be more kind.

No, I am not talking about only humans. I am talking about being kind to the environment, animal, earth and most importantly, to myself.


3: To learn more cuisines.

As the new year countdown started, My family members are insisting me to make new dishes on  

Every weekend. I will surely be trying to practice more Thai, French, Indian and Turkish cuisines.

4: To learn a new language.

As time passes, I came to know that I have to learn a new language. This will be a new skill and also fun. The Chinese language is in my bucket list while I know about 2 languages at all.

5: Stop procrastinating.

Half of my life is delayed or not done, due to this ugly habit of mine. I will try to be more active in my plans more. I know this is more demanding, and challenging too.

These are all my little things in my bucket list as new year countdown begins.

I want to know about yours too.

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