My unedited life( pre-blogging announcement)

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Going through a rough patch in the lockdown is not easy now. I think we are getting too bored and exhausted from it like nothing.

But should we do? The COVID 19 is still here.

The pandemic is still not over. The fear is here, also we don’t have a normal life like before.

My 2020 was supposed to have a professional year. I would have a job. A proper routine daily and money in my pocket to endure my luxuries by myself. By the end of the year, I would have planned to have a trip with my parents to Holy Kabah.

Now the situation seems so different. Like I never ever thought it like that. I am still standing on the same page where I was 2 years back. Even the scene is more off now because I had definite plans back then.

The unedited plans, with unedited life

My recent break down:

I am having the same routine from three to four months I guess. Same searching for wfh (work-from-home) jobs, same dishwashings, random cooking with so much weight gain. And obviously the very rough and bad pattern of sleeping.

I cried while thinking about why it’s happening in my salah. It was a one on one conversation with God. I like it because it’s something I don’t have with anyone other.

Anyways, I ask Allah to help me find a job and straight I headed to my bed. I slept in the night after a very long time.

The unedited life story:

As I had a very good night sleep, I woke up early. Now I was hungry enough and had to make myself a good breakfast.

I am a girl who is the eldest. The daughters in the household of our society or culture can’t do anything exclusively for herself. For example, if I am craving for dalgona coffee, I have to make for each member of the house. That’s the only way to enjoy our moments.

Back to the story, I walked down to the kitchen and saw the crazy ingredients I required for a sandwich. I got excited, but the very moment I thought this is not enough to make a sandwich for everyone.


Then I took a breathe and recalled that moment when I craved for something but my siblings don’t give me the opportunity.

So I became selfish this time. A great layer of garlic mayo, A shami kebab, and fried egg lied to a semi crisp buns. Also did some veg like cucumber and pepper was also making it so yum.

I had it all alone with a cup of tea. Was full, had some mindful thoughts, and can not tell you how happy I was.

Very raw, unedited coffee sessions.

Moral of the story:

Scrolling Instagram on every moment it became a habit of seconds now. When I see all these bloggers, influencers having so much fun, but I can’t.

So I used to think that it’s their life. Like same, unedited one.

I forget how an unedited life is like, it’s like mine one.

I have to edit it the way I want. I have to take a moment to spare with myself. Like I did had a moment of joy with the sandwich.

So if you have love yourself, please take these tiny moments of life and cheer for yourself.

If you don’t do it for yourself, no one else ever would do.

Just by the way, I am starting a very new series on self-love. I implemented on my life and sure that if you will listen to it wholeheartedly, you will be change.

I have also written something for self love. Just read it, forward it to your friend lists because I want maximum people to think about it.

I am also planning to have a newsletter.

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