August 26, 2019

Mangoes Season 3 is out!

By mygossipgirl

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By living up outside of his Homeland, Mr. Adeel suharwardhy is the one who found the outline of Pakistanis and feels the need to make a show for Desi lifestyle living in abroad.

Mangoes was the First online tv show I watched ever!

What I really can’t believe is mangoes season one aired seven years back. I think this was the first show I watched (I remember) on any social site. As soon as I hit the last episode of season one, it makes me eager to watch more. It’s not just the story, Mangoes shows up a complete slice of life which we really need to watch.

Mangoes came when these suharwardy brothers Spending his half of the life collecting some experiences and joys from North America and England. He took aback by the depiction of Pakistanis in other lands. 

The first episode of mangoes seasons 3 aired on 17 of August this year, after a gap of two years after season 2. 

Mangoes is the first Pakistani- Canadian show portraying the lives and interaction between land and people.

Lets Recap!

Talking about season one, the story started when Sami unrolled his life. He wanted to become a tenant and rented a house. Rakay and Asha, two different people with two different lands encounter in the same place. Asha is the one very sensible, sweet and hopeful towards life. Rakay is in search of her life seeking for a way out of his problems. He sometimes seeks help, while sometimes others want him to stay out. Sami is the hero of all situations. His smart way of living is maybe the reason behind Asha is attracted to him so much

The involvement of their daily lives makes them habituall of each other. Then this relationship became strong without their consent.

Season two is full of struggle. Sami showed up to his new job, Asha and rakay to thier lives and more. They are more contentful and realized about themselves.


For your information, Asha was the Indian student pursuing her degree in Canada.While Rakay and Sami is actually a job Hunter in a foreign land.

Mangoes strike up with Young energy. The daily struggle of millennials with a dose of excitement and love. Omni television collaborates with suharwardy brothers. Adeel suhrwardy doing the real main job of a writer

The cast includes adeel suhrwardy as sami, rakay is played by khurram suharwardy. Maha warsi does an amazing role as Asha.

This season starred Bilal khan, Mandy kaybee, Lindsay ogus, and Ali Hussain is an addition.

Production is from Agnes Lim and Khurram, while these amazing brothers are also behind the camera.

 Talking about the original soundtrack, it’s composed by Qurram Hussain. Yes, you guess it right from Josh.  

Sami is now doing a job as he is done with MBA, also facing a flirt boss. Rakay is living with some desperate bachelor who apparently not much good as environment.

Asha who returned back to India is now going to marry to a typical man. As Asha don’t want to become a part of this racist culture, she decides to go back to Canada. That’s, why Episode one named The, gets together of these mates after a long gap. This will be a mannerless spoiler if I tell you about second episodes name, No I don’t want to break it for you on any cost.

Don’t miss it out!

The narration story and dialogues are the main reason for engagement through the episodes. The gang’s back while they still have things to sort out separately and together. I guess they all felt incomplete without each other and realized it.

Let’s watch mangoes season 3 together and tell me what you think about this show.