October 10, 2019

Letters With Love

By mygossipgirl

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Dear Chai,

I know this is going to something over. Maybe you have your fans all the way you go. I am also a part of your small world. But believe me, you’re a big part of my small world.

Two days back, I just woke up with a heavy head. Just in the rush I grabbed an apple and stepped out. Not only that fruit, but I also had a sandwich. But the bulkiness didn’t go.

After the daylight, I just realized that it was just you, I mean Just you.

Then I make you and jumped into the utter world of goodness and love.

I felt light, amazing and loved.

All my kitchen cabinets are full of only your jars of different brands holding daals and different grains. If someone Asks what you cook the best? I said Chai proudly.


I enjoy each company it’s accompanied by you. No matter whether its elaichi or ginger. You know what, I preferred joshanda with you too.

I don’t know what feeling smokers and drug users do, but I guess that indulge and deepness won’t let them leave it.

But believe me, the feeling you give, I will never, ever find again. And I don’t want to find.

Thank you for being there. Thanks for giving me this entire attention. Thanks for being my forever. My love for you is infinite and endless.

Thank you for being here. Always.