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April 3, 2020

Lifestyle changes for weight loss vs dieting

By mygossipgirl

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These days in quarantine while being home stuck and every individual is present in every meal, there are lots of eateries happening. Might be you’re much worried about your weight gain, try these lifestyle changes for weight loss permanently in your life.

I was a very obvious fat. I mean yes. You can’t see my neck even. I was heavy, lazy and useless. My past school life comprised of many stressful events.

Then in college, I became confident that I can do a lot better with myself. I do implementation slowly to myself and it became my lifestyle changes for weight loss.

If you want to change your lifestyle for the betterment of your own self, then stay here for a while.

I am sure, you’re going to be fit soon. 

Before anything else, you have to remember this thing.

1: you’re going to ace it, no matter what.

2: you have to be persistent

3:  This not dieting, so you have to carry this and be very cautious about it.

Now, let’s just begin with some easy tips. Don’t forget that these are easy changes. Just little leaps are better than a giant wrong one.

1: Increase your fluid intake.

This may sound like you know it. I am saying about the different types of fluids. Take soups. Juices. Even tea and coffee too.

Make green tea. Moringa tea, or matcha. That drinking will be making you active and full all day. If it’s summer, then add a little salt and sugar in your water. It will keep your sodium levels in order and keep you fresh while you sweat.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

2: Stay active throughout.

I can understand that we all are too much busy with work, home chores, etc. And it makes us so tired to hit a proper gym. It is hard, to be very honest. I make a decision that I won’t be hitting the gym in any way. That’s the way I was giving the gym fee. So I decided to save it.


I became more active in the circumstances I hold. I started using the stairs more. Walked often. A clear routine of being involved physically anywhere. A jog, a swim, or anything.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

3: Stop having processed food.

The biggest hand in my fitness journey is, I stop having sodas. We were so addicted to it like crazy that every meal considered incomplete without Pepsi. Then I switched it. And change my life. 

Try to have homemade cuisines. Even the basic ones. Try to have them (junk or soda) like on weekends, then monthly and then, soon you’ll be able to get rid of it.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

4: Start proper workout.

If you have to shed some more kilos, you have to work out. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Start from the basic one.

I am too lazy about exercising. Then I had a suggestion for myself. I did and still doing Zumba, Leslie walk, and dance in alternate days.

It really shows results in a week if you keep consistent with yourself.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

5: Track your process.

Measure your waist, hips, and all other body parts at the start. Then start your process. And keep noting down the process in a notebook. Keep increasing the timing of your workout, and walking.

Then track again. It will make you know and aware of yourself.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

I swear this is the most efficient way to keep fit. Be persistent. It will take a little effort, but it’s worth it.