August 5, 2019


By mygossipgirl

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Today I prefer in my very first post in this cyber world, I would like to draw your attention to somewhere I am listening to their imprisonment and cruelness in Kashmir since my birth.

Imagine you burn a thing, with or without cause and intention, you just burn it. What will happen?it will turn out as Ashes. Remember that ashes will not burn more. They can’t.

A brief history of Kashmir:

There is a piece of land in up north of  Pakistan called Kashmir. The dispute in this area is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. Pakistan and India came into being in 1947 after a huge war of conspiracy and democracy. We are glad to be represented as an independent state.

If we divide this total area into five, three of them are Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir which is under Pakistan. The remaining two districts of Jammu and Kashmir is under dispute and was administered portion called the line of control since 1972.

Geographical importance of Kashmir:

If you don’t know about the land and the geography, Kashmir is basically a valley full of beauty and charm. Mountains, and deep and narrow plateaus, deep Himalayan forests and peaks of Himalayan ranges. Climate is variable and the monsoonal winds and comparatively humid.

Kasmir nowadays:

People of Kashmir are the majority of Muslims and in 1947, Kashmir was preferred to be as an independent state by their high legislative of that time, which became a major factor of disputes among India and Pakistan. Indian army entered in Srinagar and was decided as the black day for the state.


Now you can say this is highly unacceptable, the killings of thousands of Innocents is truly the deadliest action ever taken. Kashmir’s People die daily. There is no way of communication as well as no way to progress in any aspect of life.the

The mornings are a bit darker than nights and seem like an extension. The toughest times they are facing since then and they are becoming tougher day by day.

Daily basis of encounters, daily strikes, and tortures are Kashmir’s daily habit.

A Request to United Nation

I would like to draw the attention of high authorities of UNO and OIC, kindly took this matter in your hand because this is unbearable. We can’t keep calm after this chaos. Pakistani soldiers and giving their lives daily. The peace of this area is also disturbed.

Latest update from Indian Government

Indian prohibition of article 370 is unacceptable. This is the way to inhibit Kashmiri voice from the world.

Maybe you’re still thinking about why I quoted my verses of ashes, right? I see Kashmir as an Ash. You can’t burn it more. You can’t do injustice more.

I hope to see Kashmir free from conspiracies and wars. To see children go to school. I hope to see a normal life in Kashmir. I hope to visit Kashmir as a tourist spot.