November 2, 2019

I wrote a Letter to SrK.

By mygossipgirl

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Yesterday somebody was asking about the first crush I ever had. And there was the only you standing right in front of me.

I remember how in my childhood I learn to clap the same way Rahul and Anjali did. I barely touch somebody’s nose because my hands were not long enough.

I remember how I still messed up with the things around hoping a raj would say “bade bade shehron Mai Choti Choti baten hoti rehti hain.

I still use to skip the ends of two movies, Kal ho na ho and shakti. Because I can’t see you dying anyway. 

I mean how can you smoothly romanticize and exaggerate every fairytale a girl has in mind since her birth. I also know some girls who just looked back in the hope of how raj waited for Simranโ€™s palat.

Thank you for existing in the era of nonphysical romance. For making us believe that every Zara deserves veer, every Simran deserves raj, and Anjali is for Rahul. Thank you for making our Saturday night into movie dates with the full family scene on.


You’re the only one actor I proudly say I watched every performance of you. No, I am not talking about just movies. Also, thanks for being there without any border restrictions existed.

I still pray for every girl, they should deserve someone like you who can make any girl mad over one stare. Like no one has this ability to play with eyes and hearts as you do.

Thanks for being my first and amazing crush. I am truly blessed by the amazing memories you give in my entire childhood and teen and still.

Happiest to you Shahrukh. I wish to see you someday while use to meet you every night in my dreams.