Momin Saqib is soon to be in a film!

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Instagram sensation Momin Saqib is finally stepping in the film.

You must be known about the guy who got famed by his emotional attachment for the Pakistani cricket team a few years back.

He broke all the records and won our hearts because we found something relatable.

Maybe you don’t know about him, but I am following Momin since 2016 on his Instagram where he shares his all routines and chitchat with his online family.

Momin is one and first-ever Muslim Pakistani student who became president, Life member at Kings College London.

He is just recently graduated. Not only that, he was the one who speaks publicly in an in kings Graduation ceremony which is really a big deal.

courtesy: Samaa tv

On the recent world cup of 2019, Momin once again became the internet’s favorite. Then he was invited from London to here, but we guessed something was cooking when he shares his picture with our favorite Imran Ashraf Awan.

Now months later, Mr Adnan Siddiqui

announces His first-ever production in the film industry with Momin and Imran. While Amar khan is penning down this movie and doing female lead.
Ehtisham Uddin will be directing this masterpiece after the super success of superstar.

We are already up to many hopes for this because it has heavy names. Imran Ashraf did not clearly need any justification in terms of acting after proving himself in Ranjha ranjha Kardi.
While if you’re in doubt of momin’s talent, let me share a mimic where momin is doing his best of an Indian film actor.

Nothing is disclosed much yet we did not know when will be the shooting starts or where it will be. All we can do is to wish them all the luck for the movie. we are waiting to see them rocking the world.

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