May 31, 2020

Easy bake recipe: Chicken bread to the rescue.

By mygossipgirl

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How to make the easiest and simple easy bake recipe of chicken bread.

I never thought I would be posting the recipe ever because I never consider myself a good chef.

But this quarantine let me experience the things which I never ever thought to.

So I knead the dough for pizza I had to make before Ramadan. Then one of us ordered from outside and we munch it.

Later I have to preserve this dough with a huge risk. It’s all before Ramadan.

Then in fasting, we prefer to eat light in dinners because of heavy suhoor and iftar.

Now let’s just begin the recipe. I am apologizing at the beginning of the messy photos I took. But also, I guarantee you to have the best easy bake recipe ever, if you follow the whole recipe from head to toe, then don’t worry.

Recipe for the dough.


-2 cups of flour.

-1 spoon of yeast

– a pinch of salt

-two spoons of sugar.

– water to knead the dough

– and oil or butter.


Have flour in a bowl. Add salt, yeast and oil in it. Mix it to have a good absorbing flour with oil. Now in a separate bowl add water and sugar. Mix them together to get it a solution. If you mix sugar directly to the flour, it won’t dissolve and stay hard unless you add powdered sugar. I am so lazy to have it, so I use this trick.

Mix them all and knead well.

Leave it for almost 3 hours. Here I left for almost one and a half hour. It was all good.

Now the recipe for the stuffings.

Ingredients for stuffing 

-Chicken cutter in cubes. You can take any sort of chicken, sausages or strips. 

-onion medium one.



-Soya sauce

-Chilli garlic sauce or ketchup up to your choice.

-A little chopped garlic


Method to cook.

Add oil in the pan. Heat it and add garlic in it. Let it brown, then add chicken.

Let the chicken cook. Add salt and pepper, or chilli flakes if you want it spicy.

Add soya sauce, and add ketchup.

Mix them all until sauce became thick.

Add mushrooms, olives, capsicum if they are available.

Let it cool.


This is the tough part. Do with all your concentration.

Step 1.

Roll the dough on a board or flat surface.

Step 2:

Cut the sides as stripes. Leave a mid-space to add fillings.

Step 3:

Now add the filling. Add cheese in it to make it more interesting.

Step 4:

Now fold the strips one by one from different sides. Pack the stuff inside.

Step 5:

Take a parchment paper and add it on a baking tray. Grease them well with oil and set aside. By this, start preheating the oven.


Transfer your immature bread into the baking tray. Brush it with oil first. Sprinkle black seeds on top.

Insert them inside the oven.

Step 7: 

After a few minutes, take it out and brush a beaten egg. Now put them again. Toast till brown.

easy bake recipe: chicken bread.

And voila, your bread is ready. Cut them into slices. Serve them hot at tea.

Guys, trust me it’s the best. Please try this one or and tell me if it’s okay and turns as easy bake recipe for you too. I really want feedback now. 

Also, guys, I will be posting a video on my Instagram. Linking here.