Sumayah is to launch her digital talk show to empower women! 

Super sumayah is all ready to launch her digital talk show to empower women! Digital talk show became a super hit lately and people started creating a fanbase to it. These talk show became so popular because of powerful content, no shitty talk, and short and sweet meetings and conversation we all needed to see […]

Instagram Blogging Alert: Rantsofdesibride

Talking about the initial days when blogging isn’t very common. Very few people were in this business back then. I am talking about 2015-16 where this girl particularly had an idea about what will specifically be hit. Introducing Fauzia Zafar. Commonly known as rants of a Desi bride when she started rants in her blogging.  […]

Instagram login alert: Perks of being a hijaabi

If you want to find a crazy kind of happiness and some dose of really good vibes, then just go to Instagram login and search for PERKSOFBEINGAHIJABI. I saw a post of an actress or blogger (I don’t specifically remember) and I found a comment loaded with heart emojis like ❤ and some wishes for […]

Instagram Influencer: The spice of Adulting

Scrolling my Instagram feed like usual, I came across hundreds of pictures every day. The day something felt very convincing to me that I stopped and read the caption. Here was the baby Aleyan the cutest and adorable baby. Isn’t he cutest? Reminding year across 2017 maybe, I found to look alike, Mahira Khan. Yes […]