How to celebrate birthday in quarantine
April 14, 2020

5 ways you can have best birthday in quarantine

By mygossipgirl

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Today Marks my 24th birthday. Life has been so kind for me, and I am so grateful to Almighty God that He gives me all the beautiful bounties of life.

This life is being a ride. A roller coaster ride you can say. I have always planned my birthday before 16 I guess, but now it’s not like that. I have done somethings for me and it’s pretty cool. I’ve prepared a list of things for birthday in quarantine.

I know things are not the same for everyone. Some of the girls in my age are struggling with jobs, or some of you having a good married life.

I am definitely not relying here on some materialistic approaches. Not my thing. 

The thing I really want to share and want other persons, probably you to do practice on these.

Actually, I’ve prepared a lot to say. But I also feel I don’t have to be so heavy. This is my birthday. And I have to be cheerful for myself.

So let’s get into it, Maybe it will take a while. Just grabbed a coffee and be comfortable with your place.

1: Make a meal for your loved ones.

Mostly we chose to eat what someone makes us. Or maybe we want to dine out. This tip is for people who work out, and don’t have time to be on the stove. I know there are many many girls out there who rely on their maids and other services.

Just make the simplest cuisine all people love in your home. Like everyone in my home love chicken karahi. And I am making it. That will be the best feeling ever for anyone to celebrate a birthday in quarantine.

Ideas How to celebrate Birthday in quarantine

2: Do a facetime with your loved ones.

Social distancing and this quarantine have done a job like a party popper. It created so much mess. It felt good in the initial days because I was so tired from this hectic routine. But now this quarantine is also sucking my blood. I had planned for this birthday to done out with my best friend. 


But Nature wants me to do something else. I’ll be doing a facetime with her to spend my birthday in quarantine.

Ideas How to celebrate Birthday in quarantine

3: Plan an indoor party with your family.

The indoor party can be the best. You can even celebrate with your family. Maybe you wanted a cool beach party with your fellows but it doesn’t seem to be happening right. In this case, just focus on what is possible. 

In my case, I planned nothing personally. My father brings some eatables crackers and soft drinks. We took pictures with different fun filters. I really didn’t think it would happen. But I guess my parents wants to make this time cheerful.

Ideas How to celebrate Birthday in quarantine

4: Plan for a movie.

It seems like almost daily we are Netflixing and chilling. But this time has to watch the same old movie you watched. Mine was an old Bollywood funny movie I used to see in my entire childhood. Grab a bowl of buttered popcorn. Gathered you and your siblings in a lounge or common room and play that movie. I swear you’ll love this.

Ideas How to celebrate Birthday in quarantine

5: Glam yourself.

Or maybe record a YouTube tutorial. Glam yourself up for not going anywhere. Be bold or do a no make up look. Wear the best formal dress. Wear a nice perfume. It will make you feel special. 

Ideas How to celebrate Birthday in quarantine

These were some tips did best for my birthday. I know it’s a bit hard and cruel. But we all are in this together.

Now I know that life is unpredictable. That’s right. But that is not something we can’t do. Just stay home stay safe. And take care.