5 Best puzzle game apps you’ll love to have.

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When I recall my childhood, a big part of it consists of making jigsaw puzzles. I remember one day when I had chickenpox and I was locked in a room, my grandma gifted me a box of Disney 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle game to kill my boredom. That period was tech-free and we don’t have access to mobile phones. Now I have the best puzzle game apps on my phone, that’s how you can know my love for puzzles.

First of all, let me know you what jigsaw puzzle game does for your brain.

Puzzle games help the brain to develop cognitive skills. A step by step direction and how to follow it. Not only that, but puzzles also helps in problem-solving skills which will be essential for life.

Puzzle making can develop great self-esteem and power to develop a good skill to communicate with people.

You can definitely check out what the other things puzzle do to your research about its amazing effects on us.

Now we all are mobile addicted, so I decided to write about the best brain and puzzle Android games, that would be fun to play on the phone.

I want to share some of the best puzzle game apps, I tried them and love them.

1: Two dots

It’s one of the best puzzle games very simple to learn and is very addictive. There are three difficulties like many games have in the majority, with 900 plus levels. It’s free and available on the play store.

Best puzzle game apps: Two dots

2: Brain it on

This one is of the physics-based puzzle required you to think outside of the box to solve each stage. Here you have to draw linea or figures you think would be helpful to your game.there are 200 stages, with stars awarded on each level.

It’s addictive yet very power required. available free on the play store.

Best puzzle game apps: Brain it on

3: Patternz

It’s based on pattern challenging logic puzzles. In this game, you rotate shapes and pieces to connect them with each other. It will seem impossible sometimes, while it looks okay on the other.

The app contains adds on the free version, you can spend your money to buy an ad-free version.

Best puzzle game apps: Patternz

4: Hocus.

A mind challenging game based on perspective. You can challenge yourself by playing this masterpiece together. There are over 1000 official puzzles in this app.

Best puzzle game apps: Hocus

5: Tetris.

Last but not least. This is one of the most played games worldwide. Tetris has been played in all versions, but you can download it now by having more amazing themes and patterns.

Best puzzle game apps: Tetris

These all are my favorite apps ever. Remember these are all android based apps as I never owned an Apple device. Search by your pace, and comment down your fav puzzle game.

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