5 app for travelling geeks, will make your life easy.

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5 app for travelling geeks, will make your life easy.

Are you planning to travel to some other country for the first time? Then maybe you’re a little bit scared of being alone with no accommodate. Then don’t worry. I bring you all 5 best apps for travelling, recommended by the travellers.

You can do everything from research and plan your outing to book and offer your encounters as you go with an application. There are travel explicit applications and applications that have various purposes that can be overly useful for those making a trip or going to travel.

To help you filter out a large number of applications, we’ve thought of this rundown of the best free travel applications to assist you with voyaging more astute on your next excursion. We could have included a lot progressively extraordinary paid applications however in light of a legitimate concern for helping you set aside cash we’ve stayed with the free ones for the present.

So let’s jump into the list.

1: Expedia

Expedia let you research about the tickets and accommodations. You can book a flight, hire a cruise, hotel and lodgings, Expedia is having loads of filter options and a one-stop-shop app for any traveller. You can call Expedia, best travel booking app.


2:Lounge buddy.

Lounge buddy will tell you behind the scenes of lounge airports. See them all before you pay heavy fees without knowing the facilities.


This app is actually everything a traveller need.

Triposo summed up all the best places to eat, to sleep, drink and shop. All the best places with integrated maps. Also, you can book tickets, experience the best of travelling all by yourself.

4: Aroundme

This app for travelling required your recent location and will provide you with addresses of the nearest supermarket, fuel pumping stations, hospital, restaurant, and all the basic centres you needed while travelling.

5: Airbnb

This app is worldwide. Find and book travel accommodation and book a unique private one.

This app is all you can have on one website with using filters. This one is my favourite because you can have pictures. Airbnb is best travel international app

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