October 31, 2019

A letter To You, Billo.

By mygossipgirl

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Dear Billo, It’s been so long billo, that long when even PTI wasn’t born, neither I. You have an attitude that isn’t coming down. My mother explained how her mehndi function became successful when all the boys did the bhangra on this anthem.

I’ve never seen someone so mad over you as Abrar ul Haq. The very same people who never want to pay extra money on tickets, GST and tips and the same people who never show discipline outside banks and hospitals are ready to buy tickets and make a queue for you.

Who are you? I mean I really have a wild imagination of you when they called you a snake, on the very same spot they are ready to leave their homes. They wish your shop to burn and the dog to die. Also ready to wear new clothes and khussey, just to meet you. But the curfew is here. They can’t come over in the same way they are. Please invite them once. They are energized and so excited to meet you. Then it’s up to you to friend zone them or not. Thank you for being this arrogant for over twenty years. I wonder how bhangra dance would do without you. Thank you for entertaining Generation Z as Generation X.