1st ramadan 2020 routine
April 27, 2020

What I did on my 1st Ramadan 2020.

By mygossipgirl

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Like every year Muslims all over the world waited desperately for this holy month. the Aura and the environment Ramadan created in each and every household is supremely good and overwhelming. The reconnection to the creator becomes very nice and it really soothes the mind from the very start and did this year too from 1st Ramadan 2020 .

Like every year, Ramadan brings a complete change. Not only because it detoxifies the body, but it also detoxifies the mind. The change in timetable and eating pattern leaves an impact on our lifestyle.

This year 2020 is a very upside-down situation since the very start. I had a lot of expectations from me and my career because this year I am finally graduated and ready to be employ.

Firstly I thought it’s only me who is witnessing these disappointments in life, then I realized it that it’s like everyone is on the same board.

Self-quarantine and lockdown situations are very stressful naturally. the weird feeling of not knowing anything about its ending is so sad. I am home for a couple of months maybe from February. My home became a place where I am doing several rewardless jobs with my mom and serving the men faculty of home-like royals.

Literally, it is tiring to do it, like cleaning, and washing, and cooking several times in a day with new recipes. Also in our desi households, men are kings. They don’t compliment us with a simple thank you or a little buck up. They treat like this is a girl’s duty.

1st Ramadan 2020 .

We will talk about this later someday as I am out of the topic now.

Every year I choose some chores to do it for myself, like self-improvements. Last year I switched to healthy eating. Back in Ramadan 2018, I decided to complete one Quran with maximum translations. I succeeded also. This year I’ve just thought of two very simple things.

sehri of 1st Ramadan 2020

It’s very obvious and clear for me to realize this is a very early stage that it’s important to stay on track and implement them on life easily without stressing out.

My life right now is so much without planning now. Like I did not plan how much I should sleep or something like that. Maybe being stuck in a place hitting me hard.

With that thought, I was just randomly scrolling my phone. And found that my favorite mommy and blogger annum (thespiceofadulting) just shared her thoughts. She said that this time we don’t have any choice now to make any excuses for not proceeding in our way.

1st Ramadan 2020

It makes me more thinking. Why I don’t ever think like this?

While doing home errands daily missions, I found a gift. A gift my father got some time ago. He bought it home and my mom doesn’t let us touch it because it’s too precious. Now I secretly took it out. It is amazing. The pen thing, you pointed in the words then you can listen to it in whatever language, accent too. 


The most fascinating part for me is that also includes Tafseer by different people.

I choose Ghamdi. I found him more connected with me.

It’s the best Roza and to be noted 1st Ramadan 2020 . I am thankful for these difficult times that let me explore more myself. Don’t know how far it goes, But hopefully, it will be a better end.

I have uploaded a beautiful dua on my Instagram. go ahead and follow.

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Dear Allah, I am so grateful that I am seeing Ramadan this year. I am grateful that you choose me to not become a victim of this deadly being. I am nervous because the situation is getting worse day by day. What is making me mad, that this situation have no deadline. I can't expect my next month for anything like I did not expect this year becoming cruel to us. The dead ratio is increasing. The hunger, anger, hopelessness too. You're seeing us all. It's like we're into our knees, accepting that we're nothing. This whole place, the world, the entire globe, even the universe is nothing without You. You said that the treatment is sent on land before the illness. Please let us find a way to the treatment or vanish this COVID 19 as it's not existed ever. You're capable of doing anything. Please don't let our hopes die. We are looking forward to you, Allah. Like every Ramadan we looking for your mercies and blessings for us all. But this year we need it bad like ever before. I know you're listening. And I know you are testing. If it's a test, make us all do it our best. If it's not, then forgive us, please. May we all have your best bounties in this holy month. From, A tiny creature from your whole universe. Ramadan Mubarak to All. And say, Ameen, please. #writing #writer #writersofinstagram #poetry #love #writingcommunity #quotes #writers #writerscommunity #poetsofinstagram #poems #writersofig #muslim #words #hijab #allah #muslimqoutes #write #books #writerslife #bookstagram #islamicquotes #islam #creativewriting #quoteoftheday #ramadanmubarak #ramazan2020

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